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SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 64 bit Edition

SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 64 bit Edition

  • Advanced, high availability: AlwaysOn Availability Groups provides you with easy setup and more readable secondaries, and multi-database failover to give your Database the highest possible up-time.
  • SQL Server Audit: assures you of the security of your information is always through transparent data encryption and compliance reporting.
  • Master Data and Data Quality Services: Gives you enhanced Data Warehousing, quality and data management technologies including Machine Learning Services, Stretch Database, and PolyBase, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • SQL Server Management Studio: access, configure, manage, administer, and develop components of SQL Server effectively and efficiently with any skill levels.
  • Build intelligent applications: using your preferred language (R or Python) and environment (Windows, Docker, or Linux). You will also gain real-time intelligence and deliver transformative insights through modern analytical models and reports.
  • Your choice of platforms and language: Build modern, advanced applications through the language of your choice (R, Python or MySQL), on-premises and in the cloud, and now on Linux and Docker containers. 
  • Easy-to-use tools and connectors: Use your already gained skills, together with such familiar tools as SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Active Directory, to manage all your database infrastructure across on-premises SQL Server and Microsoft Azure.
  • Industry-leading performance: make the most of breakthrough availability, scalability, and performance for mission-critical, intelligent applications, and data warehouses.
  • Most secure Database: labeled Least vulnerable database, it protects your data at rest and in motion without any security worries with the unparalleled, multilayered data security features. 
  • Real-time intelligence: make your business gain transformative insights with real-time analytics capable of up to One Million, or even more, predictions per second.
  • End-to-end mobile BI: Turn raw data into meaningful reports that can be delivered to any device—at one-fifth the cost of other self-service solutions.
  • Consistent data platform, on-premises to cloud: Gain consistent experience with your Server from on-premises to the cloud – allowing you to consistently build and deploy hybrid solutions for effectively managing your data investments.

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